CREAM PMS - Composite Real Estate Enhanced Active Multi-Asset

India's 1st Sector Specific Real Estate PMS

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The Indian Real Estate Growth Story

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    US$ 1 Trillion

    market size by 2030 & 13% Contribution to India’s GDP

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    18.4% CAGR

    over the last 5 years outperforming other asset classes

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    19.5% CAGR

    expected to grow steadily with strong underlying macro fundamentals

Cream of the Crop:

The CREAM Investment Strategy


The first-of-its-kind real estate centric PMS in India. A joint collaboration between Integrow AMC and WiseX.

Downside Protection & Upside

The CREAM Strategy offers access to a diversified Real Estate portfolio that aims to capture long-term growth through exploiting short-term opportunities. This investment approach combines income generation with the potential for significant gains, specifically tailored for the current volatile market conditions.

Actively Managed

Strategic diversification across listed equities, listed debt and listed REITs. The portfolio is actively managed to identify optimal exit and entry scenarios to establish an alpha and outperform the broader market index.

Strategy & Allocation

* This is indicative and subject to change
Investments Features Allocation
Listed Equity Growth Momentum 40%
Listed REITS Growth Kicker + Regular Distribution 20%
Listed Debt Credit Enhancement + Regular Distribution 40%

The x-logo Factor

Underlying portfolio will comprise a diversified selection of securities. 3,500+ securities are evaluated and only the top 30 are selected in the portfolio. The curation process entails real time evaluation across 100+ data points and stringent selection criteria.


Real-Time Big-Data Analytics

Analyze historical stock performance, market trends, and macroeconomic indicators on a scale that was previously impossible.

Robot Process Automation

Proprietary RPA technology to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks involved in research and analysis.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Identify hidden patterns and trends that human analysts might miss, offering a deeper insight into market dynamics.

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